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The Shrewsbury Chorale
PO Box 7984
Shrewsbury NJ 07702
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The Shrewsbury Chorale Endowment Fund

The Shrewsbury Chorale gratefully acknowledges a generous multi-year gift from Martin and Laura Krupp to the Shrewsbury Chorale Endowment Fund. The mission of this fund is to provide ongoing long-term financial support for the Shrewsbury Chorale’s concert activities and to assure the Chorale’s ability to fund special projects and goals essential to the continued growth and stability of the organization.

Each year the Shrewsbury Chorale must raise money from many sources to fund the annual series of concerts for the group’s central New Jersey audience. Current funding sources include ticket sales, membership dues, fund-raising events, government funding, and program advertising. The rising costs of preparing and producing these concerts often limit the Chorale’s ability to undertake new and exciting challenges, such as commissioning new works, performing with a full complement of musicians, or bringing the group’s music to other communities. Long term funding from the Shrewsbury Chorale Endowment Fund will help to meet these challenges.

The following are some of the ways to contribute to our Endowment Fund. Donors’ names will be acknowledged under this Endowment Fund Section.

● Stocks or Securities:  A gift of stock, property, or securities is tax-deductible for the donor, relieves the donor of capital gains liability, and benefits the Shrewsbury Chorale with the full value of the gift.

● Multi-Year Pledges:  A pledge to the Chorale can be paid over a number of years, allowing the donor to make a substantial gift without having to liquidate current assets.

● Deferred Giving:  A number of giving plans allow the donor to make a gift of stocks, securities, or property to the Chorale, enjoy the tax benefits of such a gift, yet continue to live off the income from those assets until his or her death.

● Including the Chorale in Your Will: Naming the Chorale as a beneficiary of your estate in your will assures that future audiences and members will enjoy the benefits of a strong, vibrant organization for generations to come.

Won’t you join with Martin and Laura to become part of OUR future through your gift to the Shrewsbury Chorale Endowment Fund? For more information, please contact Pete Arnold, Acting VP of Finance and Development, at 732-483-4300.

The Sahar Fund
Established by a donation from Drs. Anthony and Marianne Sahar, earnings from the Sahar Fund are used to underwrite the cost of professional soloists when the works performed require it.
Significant Gifts - Naming Opportunities
  • Conductor’s Chair $25,000

  • Accompanist’s Chair  $15,000

  • Concertmaster/mistress Chair $10,000

  • Timpani Chair  $10,000

  • Trumpet, Trombone Chairs  $5,000

  • Violin, Viola Chairs  $5,000

  • Cello Chair  $8,000
Gift Categories
  • Naming Opportunities (above)  $5,000 +

  • Angels        $2, 500 - $5,000

  • Cherubs     $1,500 - 2,500

  • Protectors  $750-1500

  • Guardians  $500 - $750
Please Donate
Please indicate the following in your letter:

Amount of gift enclosed  $_______
Amount of pledge           $_______

(If a multi-year pledge, please indicate number of years:  _______)

Manner in which gift may be acknowledged:

______ In memory of

______ In honor of


______I wish my gift to be anonymous.

The Shrewsbury Chorale wishes to express our thanks for your patronage.

Please make checks payable
to The Shrewsbury Chorale and mail to:

The Board of Directors
The Shrewsbury Chorale
PO Box 7984
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

For more information
please contact: Pete Arnold